Understanding Mobile Phone

No wonder you will be knowing few things about Mobile Phones, but then we shall discuss further in detail.

Mobile Phone – the two letter word can be split into Mobile + Phone.

Mobile means a thing in mobility, for example a mobile van, a mobile food Truck. Many would have seen a food truck in US, where you get different Pizzas, sandwiches, burger, seafood and much more. So the Mobile truck can service us with desired food or snacks in any area it is moving or in mobility. The same way a mobile phone, under the service area of the Mobile operator or carrier can receive and make calls.

Phone means a device that can make and receive calls or rather called telephone. It normally operates through the wired connectivity of a service provider or operator. Consider if you want to carry this telephone anywhere in your country. It is not possible with wired connectivity, right. So the need of wireless connectivity arises. Now the phone also needs to be small or portable and should be handy to carry. So the technology shrinks the telephone to a mobile phone with wireless connectivity or carrier.

Now that we know a little technical about mobile phone, we can discuss further on the technical aspects in other posts or articles. The important components of mobile phone are RAM, ROM, Processor or CPU, touch screen, battery, sim slot, etc.

You can refer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_phone wiki page on the evolution of mobile phone and the basic information about mobile phones.


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